Processing Automation

We provide processing Automation and Development for all your Industrial needs. These might include weighing systems, mixing systems; process temperature control, process pressure control and level control which are all involved to complete a system.

We have experience and skill to deliver all of components or automation system to run your processing plant smoothly, productively and efficiently. We provide quality products from well-known brands to suit your needs. Contact us for more details.

Food processing plants

The Food Processing industry is a sunrise sector and is vital to development.

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We have a wide breadth of knowledge and experience in the food processing industry. Providing all that is involved in numerous consumable product processes starting from raw materials, through processing, and later on into packaging and shipping. We can help you route through the confusion of tying all of the food processing components & automation systems together and making them work efficiently and productively. Contact us for more details

Automation in Food Processing includes:

  • Environmental Control
  • Canning
  • Washing
  • Freezing
  • Packaging

Meat/Fish/Egg processing plants

Automation has an important role to meet the demand for readily available, high-quality and affordable meat/ fish /egg products. It will not only optimize profitability but also save time, energy, and cost. We deal with complete automation products that are highly qualitative from popular brands from both India and abroad.

There are endless possibilities with Meat / fish / egg/ processing industry.  Automation plays an important part. It can help in manufacturing processed and semi-cooked products. Processing industry may have products such as corn beef, meat loaf, sausages, curries, bacon, ham, cutlet-mix, chicken-n-ham and salami, or Sausages varieties such as cocktail sausage, pork sausage, chicken pepperoni sausage, masala sausage and the world famous kransky, a rissole (sausage), etc. Even Meat / Fish / Egg processing plants may have by-products which are marketable can be processed & packaged with the help of automation.

Automation in Meat/Fish/Egg Processing plants includes

  • Grinders
  • Mixers
  • Smoke House
  • Stuffers
  • Packaging

Automation and development will not only help to keep the characteristic taste and flavor but also help it stored for longer periods.


Slaughter houses (Beef/ Pork/Chicken)

We give utmost importance to animal welfare, quality, safety, hygiene and ergonomics, so that every installation meets the highest standards.

Slaughter houses

Most modern slaughterhouses need automation. It will not only optimize profitability but also save time, energy, and cost. We deal with complete automation products that are highly qualitative from popular brands from both India and abroad.

The strongest, most skilled butcher cannot match the consistency and high-force cut accuracy achieved with automated primal cutting. Automation of tasks which cannot be performed by a human, have more acceptability. Some successful projects have demonstrated an improvement over manual labor in terms of speed, consistency, accuracy and control.

Industrial Kitchens/Bakery etc.

We provide automation to your Industrial Kitchen or Bakery right from cooking to packaging. Ensuring advance high quality machines from well-known brands from abroad and India, they are made available for the food industry and catering department. We install highly automated innovative cooking systems that allow savings in terms of energy and resources.

Our know-how and our technicians can give you expertise and equip your Industrial Kitchen with machinery and equipment capable of withstanding intense work schedules, saving time, resources and energy. Automation can bring ease of use. We provide wide range of models and heating systems (gas, electric or steam).

Contact us to know more.

Automation in Industrial kitchen / Bakery include:-

  • Automated Batch Mixers
  • Ovens
  • Conveyors
  • Dough Processing
  • Packaging

Technology’s impact on Food production is reflected in higher throughputs, increased efficiencies and superior outcomes. 

Industrial Kitchens

We will help you to find a best solution that suites your need.

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